1. Staff feel rewarded for our work.

Nothing shows appreciation for the hard work we do every day like good wages, affordable healthcare benefits, and retirement security.  We give our all every day so it’s important that we aren’t worrying about meeting basic needs at the end of the day.


2. All staff work together as a team.

We spend hours every day working with our patients, so our thoughts and ideas about how we can improve our work need to be taken seriously.  Clinics run best when we support physicians and there’s also a give-and-take where we can speak our mind and share our ideas. We support the MDs, they support us, and our patients get the best experience possible.


3. The clinic supports continuing education.

Some of us want to become RNs, some want a new degree, some of us need continuing ed to keep our licensure or accreditation.  It’s best for our patients and our clinics to have an educated and up-to-date staff and a clinic environments where we can pursue education and there is financial support for us to get more skills and improve our work.

Child About To Get An Injection

4. The clinic provides quality patient care.

We’re all here to help and care for our patients. Having enough staff to ensure we have the help we need and aren’t rushed allows us to make every patient feel as special as they are AND we still have time to take our lunch!


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