We’ve heard that some people just don’t want to get up in the morning. The alarm goes off and they hit snooze, hoping for just a few more minutes before slogging in for yet another day at the office. Those people clearly don’t work in a medical clinic. Here’s why we love working at clinics.

Holding Hands with Elderly PatientHelping people

When we were little, we all dreamed of changing the world when we grew up. But then life happens. Guess what, though? As medical assistants, receptionists, nurses, techs or providers, we actually get to do that! Sometimes our patients are coming in for a routine exam and sometimes they have an urgent need. We make the world a little bit better every day by helping our patients feel comfortable and listening to them when they need it most. Not everyone gets to do that.

Healthy CheckupMeeting lots of people

It’s not just that we get to help so many people every day—we also really get to know them. Listening to an older patient talk about who helps her out at home is a good way to find out who’s monitoring her care, but it’s also a chance to discover who she is and what her life is like. Every single patient we encounter is a new human connection we get to make.

Stethoscope and apple medical healthcareLearning something new

Who wouldn’t want to work someplace where there’s constant on-the-job learning? We naturally get better with practice, of course, and our patients come in with new challenges all the time. Some of us even work at a clinic where we have a contract that qualifies us for training funds to learn new skills or continue our education at no cost.  And all of us learn new skills in our clinic to meet our patients’ needs.

Wearing PJs to work squareWearing PJs to work

It’s super easy to get ready in the morning when we know we’re going to be wearing scrubs. Scrubs are awesome because we don’t have to think too hard about what goes with what and they’re amazingly comfortable. What’s not to like? Plus, most medical clinics let you wear the very latest in scrub fashion. You can be sure we’ll be sporting these fantastic Autism Awareness scrubs all throughout April.

Professional Team squareProfessional Team

It’s wonderful to work someplace that you feel appreciated and engaged every day. In a medical clinic, we’re not stuck in a cubicle alone; we’re part of a team and are able to build relationships with doctors, practitioners and all members of our clinical team.  We appreciate the opportunity to get to know co-workers of all levels on a personal level—it makes work nicer for everyone.

iStock_000018147620XLarge squareNot working holidays

Set work hours are extra sweet when we know we won’t have to miss yet another Christmas or Fourth of July because someone has to take the shift. Unlike nursing homes, medical clinics are usually closed for all the major holidays. We’re already planning for that Memorial Day camping trip.


What is your favorite thing about working in a medical clinic? Share in the comments below.

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