We have all felt it– that 11am slump– and usually we reach for coffee for that short term fix.  But what else can we do to help our bodies make it through a tough day?  Here are some tips from experts.  If you have your own tips, feel free to leave them in the comments!  


fish1.  Mix your protein and carbohydrates.
Protein does give more sustainable energy but it takes carbohydrates to break that protein down and make it work to its max.  Think about key power combos of a low-fat protein with a whole grain carb: peanut butter with whole-grain crackers, yogurt with a little cereal mixed in, almonds with dried fruit.

berry2.  Up your iron intake.

Particularly for women, iron deficiencies zap our energy pretty seriously.  Studies show plant-based iron sources are better for you in the long run than other sources, but get your iron any way you can!  Think lentils, seeds, beans, and spinach.

kiwi3.  Eat a high-fiber breakfast that includes protein.

It’s all too easy to eat a bowl of cereal and run, but what our bodies really need in the morning is some protein and lots of fiber.  This balance will help hold hunger at bay and will help you feel more alert.

yellow pepper4.  Avoid the energy traps.

Caffeine, a candy bar, an “energy” bar… there is no shortcut to energy, and often the very products that give us a boost will let us down hard.  Think of raising your energy level as a marathon, not a sprint.  Sure, we all rely on coffee, but see if you can begin substituting some other methods to ensure you don’t get that post-boost slump.  And when it comes to energy bars, look for ones with ingredients you know– or at l
east ingredients you can pronounce.  Whole foods high in nutrients will outlast “science” ingredients in nearly all cases.

What are your eat for energy tips?

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