It’s summer and we’re supposed to be drinking more water than any of us ever do. That’s why it’s a great time to punch up our water bottles with some fruit and add some flavor! Here are three sites we draw some inspiration from when we’re stuffing our water bottles in the morning:

Mom Advice: Fruit Infused Water Combinations

This page has 4 combinations that work great and look lovely.

Jamie Oliver: Easy Flavoured Water

Jamie can do no wrong and his quickie short tips here are no exception.  And who doesn’t love recipes that include scrunching and mashing?

Refresh Restyle: Raspberry Lime Infused Water

I’m throwing this one-recipe page in the mix because it uses frozen raspberries.  Drop these in your water bottle at the beginning of the day and they’ll slowly thaw, keeping it just a little bit cooler!

Side benefit: This is a fantastic way to use some of that mint that’s trying to take over the entire garden this time of year.

Extra tip: These combinations are all fantastic with seltzer water, too!

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