There are a few sites that are our favorite go-to’s for great Medical Assistant info.  What’s your favorite?  Share in the comments!

  1. Washington State Society of Medical Assistants  This site has it all!  Info about certification and re-certification, continuing ed, and more.  If you’re a WSSMA member, there are also great classes and a regular newsletter.  Plus attending the WSSMA meetings qualifies for CEUs.
  2. Medical Assisting Pocket Guide  Someone reached into my brain and pulled out all the questions I ask at work… and then answered them in this app.  Really, though, this is a short version of the McGraw-Hill textbook but includes handy Spanish phrases, some reminders about clinical skills, and other stuff that yes, I learned, but we all need a refresher sometimes…
  3. Medical Assistant Training Videos This link is to the Simtics videos, but many MA schools have awesome videos of skills we use… sometimes infrequently.  There’s always that case of “I learned how to do this… years ago” and that’s when YouTube comes in! (Note though that scope of practice is different in each state– some of what I find for MAs on YouTube is outside of the WA scope of practice.)
  4. American Association of Medical Assistants  These are the folks that run the CMA exam (which qualifies for your MA-C here in WA).  Of course, since they give the exam, they have the best exam prep materials around.  They also have an “e-Learning center” where you can get CEUs!
  5. SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training Fund  Staff at Group Health, Valley Medical (Renton), certain Swedish Medical Center, and Northwest Hospital clinics have access to this great resource, part of their bargained union contract.  The Fund provides tuition, career development, and tutoring assistance along with some great classes.
  6. hero_000003618819SmallMastering MA Terminology  The nice thing about this website is it’s not that tiresome list of prefixes and suffixes to memorize, but instead, it’s the logic behind the words.  If you can remember this stuff, the prefixes and suffixes come so much easier!

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