It’s said so often but it’s so true: we are our biggest obstacles. But if we’re not our own best advocates, who else will be?  Here are our favorite tips for getting out of the way of our own success:

Healthy Checkup

1. Trust your instincts.

We are the front-line staff in the clinic and we know what our patients experience and need. It’s too easy to let the docs lead while we let our important thoughts and ideas just slip by. We need to make our concerns heard and get our ideas out there.  Thinking more holistically about how our workplaces operate shows we’re ready to take on new, bigger challenges.  When our voices help shape how our clinics work, it’s better for us and our patients.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. When you point out a problem, propose your solution.

This goes hand in hand with sharing our thoughts because when we see something wrong, we need to have ideas for how to fix it!  Most of us have creative ideas for making things around the clinic work better. I mean, I’m convinced pinterest could solve half our supply sorting and storage problems. We need to pipe up with our solutions and make things work better, show off our critical thinking, and highlight what we can do.

N04_Gossip3. Put yourself out there and take some risks.

Not every idea we have is going to be loved by everyone, but it’s important to take risks and be willing to be wrong sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need to do your job right or ask for that raise or promotion if you feel it’s time. Stepping outside of your box shows that you are ready for a bigger box.  You have to ask to make it happen!

Rewards4. Remember your long-term goals.

We’re all bogged down in the day-to-day and thinking about going back to school or changing jobs can be daunting. But we can’t let our dreams slip by. There’s no day like today to reflect on what you want to achieve, map out the way to your goal in writing with a timeline, and start planning the details of how you’ll get there.

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